Yogyakarta - After assessment team finished their mission, Wednesday midnight (19/2), a team of MER-C medical volunteers from Yogyakarta and Solo was back on their track to Kelud mountain. Team consisting medical doctor, young medical doctor and medical student arrived at Laharpahang, Puncuk Village, Kediri Regency on Thursday morning (20/2). Laharpahang Puncuk village was close enough to Kelud mountain, in a radius of 6 kilometers therefore the impact of eruption was highly visible in this village, lots of roofs from villagers houses have been destroyed.


After taking a rest, MER-C’s team member then was ready to conduct medical assistance for Kelud’s eruption victims by opening two health posts. In addition to providing medical assistance, MER-C team also distributed donations to the villagers. The number of villagers who seek for medical treatment reached 93 people.

Based on the information of the team members, the area surrounding has been seen clear and safe but still on alert status, waiting for evaluation’s result on this Thursday night that would determine the next status of the mountain.

In the meantime, most victims in the region were still in need of tiles or building materials, and clean water.









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