Thursday, April 26, 2018


Formulir Pendaftaran Pelatihan PJS

Daftar Pelatihan Gratis Pijat Jantung Saja (PJS)



MER-C (Medical Emergency Rescue Committee) is a humanitarian organisation that focuses in the field of medical emergency, carrying the characters of mandatory, professionalism, neutrality, independence, voluntarily and high mobility.

MER-C aims to deliver medical assistances to the victims of wars, conflicts riots, extraordinary events, and natural disasters both in Indonesia and abroad. This organisation was established by a group of medicine students of the University of Indonesia, who initiated to perform medical treatment to help the victims of conflict in Maluku, east Indonesia on August 1999. Members of MER-C are unpaid volunteers. 

MER-C's foundation is Islam and it holds the principal of rahmatan lil alamin (being mercy to the universe). Withthis principal, MER-C aims to deliver mercy, in this case assistances to all mankind, both in person or in group disregard of their background, religion, sect, movement, nationality, ethnicity, class, politics, criminal/not, rebels/not, but regards to deliver its assistance on the base of urgency, which is to help the most vulnerable and the most neglected people.

Alamat MER-C



Jl. Kramat Lontar No. J-157 Senen, Jakarta Pusat Indonesia 10440
Telp            : (021) 3159235
Fax             : (021) 3159256
Call Center  : 0811 99 0176
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