Behind Israel’s annexation plan of the West Bank and the Jordan Valley, there is relieving and pleasing news in which Fatah and Hamas pledge to unit in fighting against the annexation.

The statement was conveyed by senior officials of both parties, Jibril Rajub from Fatah in Ramallah and Saleh Al-Arouri representing Hamas in Beirut, Lebanon in a joint-teleconference, Thursday (2/7).

During the teleconference, both parties have agreed to unite in establishing a mutual agreement in facing Israel’s brutal annexation steps of the West Bank and the Jordan Valley.

In response to the historical event, MER-C Head Presidium, dr. Sarbini Abdul Murad expressed his appreciation and support to the steps taken by Fatah and Hamas.

“We welcome and support the joint agreement of Fatah and Hamas, which hopefully can become an energy and national strength for Palestine to face Israel, that is fully backed by the United States,” said Sarbini.

He believes that the national unity of every element would turn into a power that would force Israel to reconsider its plan from annexing the West Bank.

“We highly welcome this step. May this mutual understanding and unity would not stop in facing the West Bank annexation but also in other matters,“ he continued.

Sarbini said that despite the differences in views held by Fatah and Hamas in gaining Palestine’s independence, he truly wished that this would not hamper the unity of both parties, particularly in the midst of regional conflicts faced by Arab countries that caused the abandonment of Palestinian issues.

Jakarta, July 15th 2020
MER-C Indonesia

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