Jakarta – On Sunday, January 26, 2014, MER-C together with Indonesian National Radio Station (RRI), invited many parties who are also concerned including BRI, PT Dexa Medika, PT Kalbe Farma to hold a social event for flood victims in Jakarta. The event started from 10 am until its completion.


MER-C sent 1 pediatrics, 3 General Practitioners, 5 Nurses and 2 Non-Medical Staffs by using 2 vehicles, that were one operational vehicle and one ambulance.

From MER-C headquarter, the team gathered at RRI Medan Merdeka Barat to stay in touch at first with RRI Top Management and other cooperation partners. Of the meeting point, all team departed with a convoy of vehicles, heading to RRI Cares for Flood point, at Gg. Mesjid I, Kp Melayu Besar, Kebon Baru, Tebet, South Jakarta. It was recorded that there were 118 patients at the flood point.









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