Galela is an area with a dark history due to the conflict that occurred in 1999-2000. This is why MER-C has chosen Galela to operate its Social clinic program. This program received highly positive respond from the locals, in which a local resident donated his land in the village of Towara, in the hope that MER-C would be able to facilitate the construction of a hospital in this area.


In responding the needs and demand from the people of the area, at this moment MER-C Construction Division, helped by the locals are building Galela Hospital. The construction began in January 2011. The funding of the construction was collected form the donation of the people, as well as donations in the form of building materials by the locals.


Once standing, this Galela Hospital would be the first hospital in Indonesia that was built out of public donation.


The design of MER-C Galela Hospital





18 December 2010:

the placement of the first stone

marking the start of MER-C Galela Hospital construction







People of Galela worked hand-in-hand

to built MER-C Galela Hospital






 Donate to

MER-C Galela Hospital

Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), Salemba Branch

Acc. No.014.060.0983

under the name of Medical Emergency Rescue Committee


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