IstanbulMavi Marmara Conference Search for Justice  "Not the law of the strong but justice for all" has been held on March 25, 2014 at Ali Emiri Kultur Merkezi, Istanbul, Turkey. The conference that was initiated by IHH aiming to unite mission and vision in an effort to prosecute Israel crimes mainly on Mavi Marmara ship and Freedom Flotilla in general.

 On the opening session, IHH Chairman Bulent Yildirim said although there are so many challenges in order to prosecute Israel, whereas the Turkey’s judges refused on Furkan Dogan’s murder case, but however this is the first time Israel has been prosecuted by many countries for the same case, which means that Israel is experiencing the largest upsets in the history of their occupation.

At the meantime, Dror Feiler, who is a former Israel citizens insisted that Israel should be brought to the International Court that has already brought Milosevich in Den Haag.

Ahmet Dogan, the father of the late Shahid Furkan Dogan said that his son was a US citizen although he did not receive justice from the US court since to date, US law does not allow criminal prosecution on Israel state due to no agreement yet to the state.

Meanwhile Greta Berlin told the initial movement voyage to Gaza was pioneered by  Greta herself with other four members in  2008. At the same time, Dimitri Plionis explained that there should be a common perception that Freedom Flotilla was an international initiation consisting 36 countries, not only initiated by Turkey.
Ziyad Patel
who is the lawyer of Gadija Davids (South Africa) comparing apartheid system that happened in South Africa to the one that has been still going in Palestine. Ziyad said that international colonialism  is heavily criticized by international community and this case can be raised in the lawsuits against Israel.

Prof Dr Ali Emrah Bozbayindir explained that there are two things that can make these cases become more strategic, namely the attacks against humanitarian reinforcements can be categorized as a serious war crime, meanwhile if we can prove that the killing was done by "execution style", this can be eliminate Israel’s alibi that they had done self defense on Mavi Marmara ship.
Some of speakers presented included Ismail Bilgen, son of Shahid Ibrahum Bilgen, Ugur Yildirim, Yasin Samli, Ahmet Turk of Palestine, Boye Gonzales of Spain, France and Gilles Dever from Gulden Sonmez of IHH.








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