In order to complete development program of Indonesia Hospital at Gaza, Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C) has departed Phase 3 volunteer team from construction division.  Apart from finishing Indonesia Hospital development, the team will also assign for preceding medical equipment procurement, donated from Indonesian people.


Team lead by Ir Edy Wahyudi is planned to complete Indonesian Hospital development, related to its mechanical and electrical side. The team will also finish Indonesian Guest House development which is located in area of Indonesia Hospital.

The team of 15 was departed on Saturday (28/6) at 9 am by Malaysia Airlines, followed by Egypt Airlines. They were scheduled to be arrived at Cairo on Sunday (29/6) at 4.55 am local time. Arriving in Cairo, team will go straight to Rafah border, leading to Gaza.

In the meantime, within the last month according to information sent by MER-C volunteer at Gaza, received by MER-C Headquarter, there have been attacked to Gaza area. Not only building damages have occurred but also loss of lives. Until now MER-C is still fundraising for medical equipment procurement for Indonesian Hospital that amounts to Rp. 50.000/person





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