Jakarta - MER-C is being prepared to depart their surgical team to the Philippines. MER-C Presidium Dr. Jose Rizal Jurnalis said the impact of Haiyan typhoon in the country will cause a high toll of traumatic victims in need of surgical action. The team scheduled to depart on November 17, 2013 plans to start from Cebu to find for locations which are in need for urgent assistance. Jose Rizal also added since disaster recovery would need for uncertain period, so that Inshallah, MER-C will send their next team. In Philippines, MER-C will cooperate with local institutions, including Catholic churches to distribute donations for all victims

MER-C Accounts for Philippines - Natural Disaster :

BCA, Kwitang Branch, 686.0099339
BSM, Salemba Branch, 701.5658899
on behalf of  Medical Emergency Rescue Committee

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