Istanbul Today (28/3) was conducted a press conference by koordinator Fredoom Flotilla’s coordinator and lawyers representing  prosecutors in a case of Israeli’s army attack toward the crew of Freedom Flotilla.

Adnan Wirawan of TPM ( Muslim’s Lawyers team) has questioned on what to do if Turkey’s court decided to close the case,  and IHH Chairman  Bulent Yildirim has answered the fact  since the beginning Freedom Flotilla has won the case.  He also mentioned that Turkey’s law also has provided clear foundation that in a case like this, the four Israeli Generals would be immediately arrested. According to Bulent, a "public case" could not be covered according to Turkey’s law since each court’s session conducted would show to the world that the case has still been going on.

Bulent also said if only the case was closed by the judges, therefore it only showed the defeat of Turkey, since the case is a great opportunity to show its national law power. And even if the case was closed, the Mavi Marmara ship is still available and ready to be used in re-sailing to Gaza.





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