IstanbulOn March 27,  2014 has been held a further hearing over an assault case against the  Freedom Flotilla 2010 that caused the death of 9 activists aboard Mavi Marmara.  

The trial called some of Freedom Flotilla organizers Turkey, namely those who were responsible on guarding Mavi Marmara and a cargo ship named Defne Y , that brought building materials  to be used in Gaza,Palestina.

 Dilaver Kutluay, who was on board of Defne Y when the attack occurred, witnessing how he saw Israeli soldiers were continuously shooting, throwing gas bombs and pointing laser guns at Mavi Marmara ship. He also heard people on board screaming, ensuring him that many people were injured.

Dilaver recalled at least 20 Israeli soldiers who boarded Defne Y and underlined the existence of a person who claimed to be Jew, speaking fluent Turkish, and acknowledged he was a Turkish representative in Israel, forcing Defne Y passengers to sign off a document while threatening that if the document was not signed, the penalty is 10 years in prison, in Israel
claimed that his goods were taken, being stripped off and beaten several times, even when he wanted to help an injured friend at Ashdod prison.
added that there was an Israeli soldier who spoke fluent Turkish to Kapal Defne Y and when asked, he said that he came from Istanbul.

Omer, who were aboard Mavi Marmara when the attack occurred, said until now he is still traumatized by the incident that he experienced almost four years ago, since he always thinks that Israeli soldier will come from the helicopter on the deck of his house.

At the end of trial, all lawyers filed a claim to the court. They said that in Turkish law, the case categorized as systematic torture so that judges should perform procedure arrest toward General Gavriel Ashkenazi, Admiral Eliezer Marom, Brigadir General Avishai Levi, and Major General Amos Yaldin. Lawyers also asserted that human right is above all law and all defendants were required to comply with all court orders and explained the reason of their actions. They also demanded judges to freeze the property of four people and asked the connection between Turkish police department and the Israeli since while a passport of one Turkish citizen was returned back after being hold in Israel, the person asked who gave the passport to them. The police officer only asked the Mavi Marmara passenger not to ask more details.

By the end of the trial session, judges announced that the decision of procedure arrest will be on the next court which falls on May 26, 2014.








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