Jakarta, 9/3, Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C) held a Talkshow titled “Palestine as the Focus of Uniting  the Struggle of Muslims “ at Islamic Book Fair at Istora Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan, Jakarta. The event presented speakers ex- Indonesian Cooperative Minister and ICMI member, Mr. Adi Sasono and MER-C’s Presidium Dr Joserizal Jurnalis.

An hour and half talkshow moderated by Angga Aminudin of Radio Silaturahim 720 am, discussing about the reason behind Palestine becoming the unity of Muslims Struggle in the world. Joserizal, as one of MER-C founders and pioneer of Rumah Sakit Indonesia at Gaza said that struggle for Palestinian liberation is the struggle of people who love peace and welfare of mankind. Furthermore, Joserizal added that Jerusalem liberation has also been supported by non-muslims like The Pope and Catholics, also the Jews who do not approve Israel Zionism.

Meanwhile, Adi Sasono also mentioned about MER-C important role in building Indonesia Hospital at Gaza, Palestine, becoming the benchmark of justice and humanity in the world. He also added that the action marked a strong commitment from Indonesian people for Palestinian, mainly for Gaza people, that the struggle must keep going on and has been fully supported by Indonesian people from Sabang to Merauke.

Joserizal explained that MER-C building such a hospital instead of worship house since it will be more beneficial to the people of Gaza. He then added that the hospital would need a sustainable program, skills of volunteers, hospital management and etcetera. Joserizal also uttered that the hospital building has been fully funded from Indonesian people, built by the spirit of Indonesian for Palestinian struggle for Independence

The talkshow also presented AbdelRahim Shihab of Islamic Society of Gaza, a Palestinian, that he and Palestinian people showed their gratitude to Indonesian people for their support for all Palestinians.

The event concluded with question-and-answer session and also taking picture between participants and the speakers.









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