Lampung - November 19, 2013 MERC-C has dispatched a medical assistance teamtothe grand launchof onlineQur'anof Abdullah bin Masud  in the village Muhajiroun, Negarabatu, Natar, Lampung.The team comprises of Dr Eko Zezky Triwahyudi, MARS and Dr. Habib Hadiki, where the team to examine the health of one member of the boarding school Al Fattah that has been diagnosed with Benign Prostatic Hiperlapsia.

MER-C Presidium Ir Faried Talib, who presented at the inauguration of the Online Qur'an of Abdullah bin Masud, has joined the team to meet the families of Bukhari Muslim Sadeli and Syuhada Busyro. Both of them are MER-C's volunteers from al Fattah boarding school which are currently finalizing the Indonesian Hospital construction project at Gaza, Palestine. The medical doctors also provided medical education at one of RSI volunteer's place.

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